Agriculture Challenges & Needs

  • Lost or depleted topsoil is a growing concern in the agricultural industry.

  • North America specifically has lost about one-half of its topsoil over the last 140 years.

  • Soil quality is depleted and management practices that rely on massive fertilization are not sustainable. Fertilizers are water soluble and are routinely washed into waterways causing additional environmental problems.

  • Current soil conditioners do not meet immediate application needs. A similar material, “untreated” biochar is a poorer performer and also expensive.

Opportunities & Applications

The rise in poor soil quality creates a demand for green soil conditioner products. CoalChar meets those conditions, eliminating the harmful runoff of regular fertilizers.

  • Added as a soil-amendment fertilizer, CoalChar conditions the soil and (versus traditional fertilizers) stays active in the soil for longer periods of time.

  • Greenhouse laboratory tests show excellent growth results with a very low dosage rate to the soil.

  • CoalChar is considered to be a green product because it is not combusted and processing energy is supplied by a solar hybrid kiln. When used for water remediation it can remove heavy metals, organic compounds and inorganic compounds while sequestering carbon.