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Environmental Pollution: Water, Air & Land

  • Water pollution is increasing, due to heavy metals from industrial processes, mining and E-waste.

  • Contamination from industrial agriculture gets into water reservoirs resulting in eutrophication (explosive algae growth) killing fish and other wildlife.

  • Coal combustion is a dirty process. Combustion produces pollutants in large quantities which, if not kept in check, havoc the environment and human health.

Solutions & Applications

  • Used in water remediation, CoalChar removes agricultural waste (nitrates and phosphates)

– Phosphate is a major cause of eutrophication because it enables the growth
of destructive algae.

– Algae blooms release soluble neurotoxins and hepatoxins which kill and can create
hazardous health 
effects in humans when ingested.

  • CoalChar for Water Remediation is more plentiful and cost effective than typical “Activated Carbon” made from wood products.

  • The product is fast-acting in eliminating agricultural waste caused by conventional fertilizer products and has a high capacity.

  • Wastewater Treatment (usage similar to activated carbon)

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